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Powdered Kava Review Borogu


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Just to keep it fair an initial reactiony of this guy.
Well taste isn't anything to write hope about more of the blarg side. Compare that to the out right yummy flavor of Pouni Ono and the Samoan.

As I said in another thread between cost and concerns of overdoing it on Kava (in general ) purpously limiting myself to a small amount.

My knee jerk reaction is it seems to be a pretty nice relatively nice to the body all rounder.
The bad side is a bit of fog today after having 2 4 ounce cups worth. Keep that in mind if you try .
It also gave me gas and slightly mad bowels, ginger and sipping a coke is helping with that some.


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I bought 4lbs of this one in March, but just tried it recently as was in Vanuatu for 6 months. It is an unusual grind with a lot of very light (in colour and weight) flaky pieces in it, and does not settle and compact like kava powder normally does. I initially tried about 80g to a litre water, hot water prep with blender then hands. It was quite weak in taste and appearance and i didnt get much from it.
I then doubled up the dose, about 1/3lb to a litre water to put it through its paces. Again quite a minor effect fir this amount of powder.

KwK have a great, trustworthy reputation and a lot of fans, so I'm wondering if I got a dud batch that slipped through their quality check net.

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That one has always had a crazy grind. For me effects have been very minimal.. even after using more than half of an 8 ounce bag in one session.