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Broke through the reverse tolerance on day 1

Today is my first time trying any kava. I bought one of the strainers sold by Nakamal, as well as 1/2 lb of the Stone kava and 2 10g packets of the fire island instant kava.

I started off at about 3 pm today with 10g of the fire island, then another 10g about 2 hours later. I felt very slightly off baseline with this but not enough to say "I know what kava feels like."

I decided to make some of the stone kava about 2 hours later. I used the strainer and about 1/4 cup of the stone to make a nice drink..........with way too much liquid lol. Oh well, always a learning experience.

But anyways back on topic (I'm slightly krunk right now) I consumed this and it was like the weight of a ton of bricks lifted off of me and every muscle just relaxed and gave in. My mind had the same effect as well, any worries just melted away.

If I can achieve similar results semi-regularly this will most likely replace my alcohol consumption because it seems more enjoyable.


The Kaptain (40g)
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You did it right! 1/4 cup stone and the fire island instant was a great way to really bump your blood levels of kavalactones sharply. You have chosen... wisely.