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Kava Recipe Broken Aluball prep.


Kava Curious
Aluballs break sometimes, or to be more precise we break them using more than one at once and shaking like crazy, perhaps in too little water - advice for new Aluball users, don't do that. If you're using more than one Aluball, use more water and shake gently. I managed to break three Aluballs when I started out, and if you have Aluball as well, the chance is you may have one or two broken balls back from your first days. Don't throw them away - turns out they may be useful.

Broken Aluball looks more or less like this (image by tutti196):

Take one to three Aluballs, at least one broken. Fill them with kava and proceed with the normal pouring and shaking. If all of the Aluballs you're using are broken, you may shake much harder than you normally would. After shaking, pour the grog through strainer and squeeze it. Drink the squeezed grog or do whatever you're usually doing with it, like pouring it to the bottle and placing in the fridge before the next shaking round. Don't wash the strainer. Do a second wash and squeezing. At the third round, after pouring the grog through strainer, knead a little before removing the strainer from grog. Depending on your preference, you may go up to five washes, I usually stop at three. At the third wash, you may want to add fat to the bottle before shaking, such as olive oil.

The resulting grog seems to be much stronger than grog from non-broken Aluballs. If you don't have broken Aluballs, probably adding some ground root to the bottle along with Aluballs could replicate the effect, but I haven't test that. You'd probably have to add a little root after every wash - with broken Aluballs, some root is escaping to the water on it's own each time.


Wear a mask.
If they are broken, why not just bypass the prep with them and go straight to a strainer? My two cents. I use kavafied's 75 micron strainer, they usually last me about a year before it needs to be replaced. I reserve the AluBottle for outdoor activities.


Kava Curious
It's faster than fully traditional prep and stronger, but it's possible that my traditional prep technique is just not good enough.