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BULA. Tonight's Kava recipe!


Kava Enthusiast
Bula all! Tonight I made a fantastic Kava. Lately I have been drinking Fresh Hawaiian Root and it's giving me new flavor experiences. Tonight I decided to go for something more familiar to me, with a sumptuous twist.

I began by turning the stove on with my pan on the element, noticing there are yellow stains on the knob. I wonder what that's from. Next, I cracked open a bottle of "Fiji Water", a bottled spring water from the islands of Fiji. All my life, I abstained from the stuff, thinking that water should be sourced locally not flown overseas, and until now, I thought Fiji water was from the mountains of Japan, not the pacific islands. I dumped 500ml of this on the stove, let it get steamy hot, as I prepared my powdered kava in the clean strainer and bowl.

I don't think I have any tablespoons on hand, and my measuring cups were soiled, so I did two heaping teaspoons of Fiji'an Squanch Lawena with 4 even more heaped teaspoons of Fiji'an Squanch Waka. After pouring the hot water on the roots, I warmed another bottle of Fiji water in the pan and dropped that on the root as well, creating a bath warm liter of mix.

I squeezed only for a minute, having been to the bathroom a few more times than I'd prefer today, this was my take on "going easy" on the sediment and makas. The kava is beautiful, white swirls and soft bubbles, a very good drink. I had 100ml of this, and my steak is in the oven. Enjoying the smells of the autumn night. Full moon coming. Peace.