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Kava Blend Cacaova Kava

Karuna Kava

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Cacaova Kava

  • 18oz bottles contain 4.5 shells each (4.5 servings)
  • Solomon’s Secret Kava Root 12% Kavalactone 4-2-3 Profile
  • Organic Cacao Vanilla Tea (Davidsons Organic Teas), Montana Wildflower Honey
  • Brewers Notes: This is a fantastic anytime kava tea. Cacao is rich in antioxidants, so now you have legitimate health reasons for drinking kava. This is a “break in case of emergency” kava blend. When trouble and tribulation present themselves, don’t let stress drag you down; let kava help you stay cool, calm, and collected!
This is some seriously smooth kava. Made with a Solomon Islands lateral kava root, this grog is deeply calming and relaxing, but also very happy, cheerful, and elevating. This kava is squeezed in a base of Organic Cacao Vanilla tea, and lightly sweetened with Montana wildflower honey; smooth, tasty, and strong!

Our beverages are always brewed with medium grind kava root, and are squeezed / strained by hand for maximum effectiveness and optimum flavor. All Karuna Kava products are made in a commercial kitchen under safe and socially distanced conditions, and are shipped directly to your door through FedEx on icepacks for maximum freshness.

To ensure product quality, our hand strained kava beverages only ship out Monday-Thursday each week. You can order locally for delivery at any time and we will do our best to provide same day delivery!


Kava Lover
I would definitely buy if I saw a little Black Friday sale going on. I’m a little hesitant at the claim of “triple shell” because I’m not sure how 12.5g of kava makes 3 good shells. I would hope at that price a single container would get you a decent krunk.