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Aloha Kava - Carbonated Kava
Kava and bubbles — opposites attract!

Using "noble" variety kava root from Hawai'i, Vanuatu, and Fiji, this oceanic potion blends kava with light carbonation. The effervescence lightens the heavy, earthy punch of kava while still retaining its original flavor.

Aloha Kava was made to help introduce people to this powerful plant. Made with a balanced blend of kava strains, carbonated, and bottled, Aloha Kava makes it easy to store and drink kava at home or on the go. We use a blend of kavas that provide a balanced effect: just enough to sink into it, not so much you can't go on with your day. Perfect for any time of day or night, at work or study, relaxing with friends, or a nightcap for sweet dreams!

Why is it called Aloha Kava?
Kava is tied to the spirituality of Oceania. Drinking it calms and focuses, allowing you to connect with what’s around you. Kava has been used by Pacific Islanders for both lighthearted and sacred purposes, and that balance is important. Aloha is a Hawaiian word that means many things; it can be a simple hello or goodbye, or it can mean togetherness and love. You can say aloha, but you can also give aloha. Life is all about balance, which both kava and aloha exemplify. We believe the world is in desperate need of this balance; this our way of giving aloha to you.
So crack open a bottle of this little ocean potion and say Aloha, Kava!


A note on extracts, oils, and the like
As kava grows in popularity, more and more kava products are coming to market. Due to modern lifestyle demands, much of these products are in extract form. These extracts can be great, and just what some people need. Kava, however, is not just about the effects — it's about the ritual. Beer, for example, is comparatively a low alcohol content product; why drink beer if you can buy the highest alcohol content liquid at the store and throw it back? It's because there's nothing quite like cracking open a cold one after a hard day's work and enjoying the experience of drinking it. Kava is similar. Though you may get the desired effects from an extract, there's so much more to kava than that. Traditional consumption is the only way to get that magic. Luckily for you, Aloha Kava has bottled that magic for your convenience!
So go on — get some Aloha Kava and crack open a different kind of cold one.