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Powdered Kava Review Classic Kava Melo Melo


Kava Curious
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Two things stood out straightaway when I opened the bag: 1. The fine grind - almost what I’d imagine micronised kava would be like; and 2. The colour - very pale, creamy white. Most other kavas I’ve tried have been far darker.

For prep I decided to deviate from my usual traditional prep to try blender method. Went 3 tablespoons to 500ml water; blended in NutriBullet for a few minutes then double strained to remove the fine sediment.

As for taste, it was peppery and slightly bitter but reasonably smooth. Good numbness in mouth. Certainly very drinkable. The colour of the kava was again new to me - greyish white. I’ve seen a lot of kavas look this colour on you tube, particularly in the US, so was excited to try it.

The effects were very unique and interesting. It was more subtle and lighter with a creeping effect. Different to say Australian Kavas Pure Waka which has no subtly and hits you hard. This crept up on you and put me in a relaxed, contemplative mood and just took the edge off nicely. Wasn’t heavy at all. I’m thinking this may be due to a higher ratio in the blend of lawena (plant stump/base) to waka (lateral roots)? The colour also makes me think this but could be wrong.

I still have plenty of this kava and am looking forward to another try. Next time I’ll probably go for 4-5 tablespoons and use traditional prep.

Overall loved this kava and would be great for anytime, notably daytime drinking. Can’t wait to try again and will keep you posted on my further thoughts.