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Powdered Kava Review Classic Kava Vanuatu Instant Green


Classic Kava Vanuatu Instant Green Review
So I got hold of some of Classic Kava’s Instant Green in order to have a comparison to Root and Pestle’s Instant Melo Melo.
Packaging is adequate but seems a cheaper plastic than other brands and does not seal as well.
I mixed 5g into 200ml water. The product mixes well with a chalky appearance. Taste is clean and easy to drink.
The first thing I noticed was the lack of mouth tingle. I waited for 15 minutes and had a follow up dose, followed by another 15 minutes after that.
To me the effects are very mild with a lack of heady sensations. There is some body heaviness, but not intense. Whereas the root and pestle product was very potent, the Classic Kava requires much heavier dosing so bear that in mind.
Has anyone else tried this product? Did you have a good result? Is there a chance I had a batch that wasn’t as good as normal?

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As a follow up to this I sent an email to Classic Kava to let them know my experience. George from Classic Kava got back to me and assured me that the batch was fine and that my individual reaction to the product was uncommon.
He kindly offered to send me a sample of their Bliss Kava Traditional Powder (a blend of Vanuatu cultivars). I got around to trying this last night and wow! Great kava! Mixes to a light brown with a peppery taste with a tiny bit of bitterness. Lovely mouth tingle, and then dreamy strong heady effects. Highly recommended.
Thank you George, amazing service
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