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Official Kava Meeting Commercial Kava Pilot Program (Australia) Zoom Meeting

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"The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is hosting a webinar to explain Australia's commercial kava pilot, commencing 1 December.
There will be a range of speakers from across the Australian Government and related organisations who will give presentations and answer questions on the different aspects of the pilot.
You can register to attend the webinar here - https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_5l6Ntu1ZSy6WGQWEQzXvCQ
Q&A sessions will be facilitated using Slido - join at slido.com with #789224 or by using this link
This is an open invitation, so feel free to distribute amongst your networks."

Pre-Register here for the link:

November 30th at the following time:

Eastern US Time: 5:30PM
Pacific Time: 2:30PM


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Here are the details of the import application process, if anyone is interested:

Worth noting that buying kava online from overseas and having it mailed is still prohibited during this trial period, due to the need to accurately monitor the volumes imported. That might change in the future, once phase 2 of the pilot is finished at the end of 2023.