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Instant Green Kelai Kava

Our Kelai kava tea is shade-grown on the fertile volcanic slopes of Epi. A collective of small-lot farmers first begins by raising the kava in their gardens free of pesticides and fertilizers for 5 years before selection. Next, they hand-harvest on demand to ensure the freshest kava possible. It is then washed and peeled, thoroughly cleaning the basal stump (lawena) and lateral roots (waka). After juicing and dehydrating in a sterile temperature-controlled drying room, we 3rd party independent lab-test every batch of our kava 2x (In Vanuatu and the United States) to ensure its nobility, potency, and safety.

Heady Kava: Kelai Kava is famous for its high % Kavain Kavalactone effects. Quick onset. Tongan Pouni Ono like. May promote calm with a clear focus, chill, stress relief, relaxation, and restful sleep.*

Tasting Notes: Earthy with notes of cashew butter, grassy, and peppery finish.

5% for Coral Reefs: 5% of profits are donated to coral reef restoration efforts. Reefs are an important part of life for the Ni-Van communities we work with, and with your help, we continue to reinvest in our communities and the world’s future.

Compostable Packaging: As part of our company ethos, we strive to provide premium products with minimal environmental impact. We are committed to utilizing the most sustainable packaging options currently available. Our kraft standup pouches, labels, and oxygen absorbers are all commercially compostable.
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