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Kava Instant Review Cream of Vanuatu

Capitán Bastos

I don't know if it is the way I just stirred it into cold water, but the taste is bleh.
Doesn't last long though, after taste is fine.

I'm Just 10 minutes in. Definitely noticing the onset and build up of heady effects.
My neck feels very relaxed. I'm Not tired at all and feel relatively calm.

My wife just told me she strained (!!!!) hers because it was too gritty.
Dog Nabbit, woman... Oh well.

She says she feels really energized with no worries at all.
I feel wide awake, tried to eat, but this stuff really wants me to lose weight it seems.
Just getting a couple of bites down. It's way headier now. 20minutes in. Or 30 lol.
Time is constructed by man.

Wtf. I find myself thinking about my options. In a positive light, you know? Wife is planning for tonight's dinner.
I think 2016 will be the year of bouncing back.

40minutes in. Holy Mohinder! First time ever I've had the ringing in the ears! No way I'm going for a second shell. I think 2 teaspoons is enough for me, even one. Like my head is inside a really fast elevator going, up, up, up.

50 minutes in. Wife is feeling super focused and great. I'm Actually a little dizzy when I walk. Complaining she is loud, she says it's her normal voice, bit it's really loud you guys. I Have sensitive hearing, especially treble noises like "ssssss" and "ttttt". So, I don't like listening to "tits" lol. Feel better now, after typing tits. Tits, tits, tits. Lmao. It actually has a calming effect. Tits.


75 minutes. I thought my wife was fine. She says she has been stuck in bed and that it feels like she has high heels on her ass. She has been stuck, afraid moving around would be wobbly. She just got up and is fine.
I feel great now. I'm Sorry to say I have to take a break from this live review to go shopping for tonight's dinner. Also for the next two days, the shops are closed for the Holidays. I'm Bringing Kava Candy just in case. Since I got my first kava this summer, I've gone without prescription meds. I had anxiolytics (beta blockers, valium for a short while) and sleeping aids (melatonine, and zolpidem/zopiclone for once in a while.). I Feel better now though, this stuff is awesome. Definitely getting a protein shaker on my shopping raid.

80 minutes in. Just realized I'm naked.
Under my onepiece that is. Need to fix that. I just had to check my mailbox as soon as I woke up and the Kava Gods have smiled upon me, Funny thing though. My wife is like half my size (I'm 6'4" and 220 lb) and I'm feeling this way more. She strained hers, but it's instant. I imagine straining it would so very little. Right now it sucks having to leave the house. I really want to continue writing. Thinking this instant would be a great aid when it comes to actually finishing some of my writing projects.

Yeah, so 4hrs later.
Very relaxed. Had a piece of candy on the way to the store. Felt like it smoothed things out a little. I feel very relaxed right now. Had a shawarma, that was awesome.

Anyways, I highly recommend this instant.
Next time I'll start with one or two teaspoons though.
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