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Current legal status of kava in Singapore?


I have read that kava is permitted to be imported into Singapore in small quantities and that there are even some kava bars in Singapore. I need to find a definitive source because a friend is bringing some kava (2kg) from the USA to Australia transiting through Singapore. I need to be absolutely sure there will be no problem in Singapore. The friend will not be entering Singapore, merely transiting. I note that the Kava Society NZ posts to Singapore apparently without problems.

Any information would be most welcome.


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I visit Singapore every year (pre-covid) and never heard of a kava bar there. I would think that rent is so high there that they would never cover costs.
Even if they have reversed their 2002 (ish) decision to ban it, I personally wouldn't risk it with Singapore, with their very serious penalties for tiny amounts of whatever they consider to be a drug.
Imports into Aussie from Vanuatu will begin very soon - why not just hang on for that?


Thanks nabanga. I checked the legislation in Singapore and kava (piper methysticum) is listed in the Poisons Act so I am abandoning the idea of my friend bringing me the package. ::giveup2:::facepalm:
I always travelled with kava to Singapore with zero problems. I checked it with their customs first and got a written confirmation that it's fine to have non-commercial quantities, for personal consumption. They reply within a few hours, so you can always just confirm it with them and then give the letter to your mate.