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Powdered Kava Review Damu

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First of all, I thank Mark for his friendly communication and the fluidity in our exchanges. After several questions, I ordered Damu because I really liked another kava from the same supplier (AOK). After my payment, the mail was quickly sent with tracking and I received it within 8 days. The packaging was professional and the weight was right.

My first experience was mixed, because although the Damu gave me an appreciable mental calm and an impressive stability of mood,
I also had some physical effects that I did not like, notably a feeling of heat at the top of my head that I am not used to having with kava.

The afterglow the next day was also more confusing (slight brain fog) and less anxiolitic than my reference Fijian kava (Koro Island). I must specify that I take kava for therapeutic purposes, as it is the best alternative I have found to benzodiazepines (which are addictive and cause anxiety rebounds), to treat my PTSD.

Taste-wise, it's an easy-to-drink Fijian, less chocolatey and slightly peppered than the ones I had before, but very acceptable in comparison with the ones from Vanuatu! The smell is typical of kava, nothing special to report. And the texture is quite fine, beige and has a beautiful appearance.

So, my first experience left me a bit perplexed, but I know that in general, with a new variety, my body needs time to adapt. So I wanted to wait for a few more experiences to do a more objective review.

My next two intakes, I did not feel the physical side effects of the first intake, but the afterglow the next day was the same.
It is a very relaxing kava (without being sedative), there is no real rush of kavain in the first hour, it starts very calm and it stays that way until the end. What strikes me the most is the emotional stabilizing side of this kava.

I tried before yesterday to increase the dosage a bit (usually I don't exceed 10g per dose), adding the leftovers (makas) of my previous preparations that I have frozen (I always do this to save some kava because of its price and my income).
The effects were a bit more euphoric the first hour, then I felt a calmness and a well-being for a few hours, before the kava wore off and I had a good night's sleep. I don't know if it's related, but I felt in the evening a slight pain in my lower back (I already felt the same thing when using another kava that I didn't like). The sensation in the back
drags on the next day and then fades away.

In conclusion, I would say that contrary to my hopes, this kava does not equal the wonderful Koro Island from Art of Kava, which I got last year (thanks to Edward). I still have some left and I'm still able to compare. But it's very subjective and what I'm looking for might not be suitable for someone else and inversely. Damu remains a quality kava, calming and relaxing without being too heavy.

Bula !