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Decreased effects from daily use of the same variety?


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I'm sure this has been discussed here before, but I didn't even know what to start searching for, so I apologize if its been brought up.

The last few months I've been switching back and forth between a few varieties, but I'd drink one variety for a few days in a row and have good effects. After about 5 days or so I have less of the same effect as I did the first few days. Then I'd switch to a different variety and have great effects from that variety. Then switching back to the original variety after a few days, I have the full effects from that variety once again. I've changed nothing in the amount of kava used or my usual prep.
Is it common to have lessened by effects from using the same variety after a period of time?


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I get the same problem. I think you can acclimate to the effects of a particular cultivar if used regularly. I normally have a couple favorites that I rotate between, and that helps me avoid the issue

Deleted User01

That doesn't happened to me but I will do at least 2 types every day. In fact , I skipped Monday because I was feeling a little tired and wondering if I needed to take a break on the kava. That night, I slept just fine. Maybe the sun got to me on Sunday.


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I've definitely experienced this- the RoH Fijian has been surprisingly stimulating and euphoric for me, it gives me none of the "brain fog" effect I get from the other kavas after near-daily consumption for the past few weeks has given me a tolerance to those ~8 varieties. (I know I said I planned on cutting back to 3x a week, but I've only cut back to 5x a week.) It seems to have a different chemotype to the Fiji-fresh varieties I have.


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you make a valid point travis. im gonna make it a point to do the same. ironically I have a total of 5 right now. so Maheka Monday, etc