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Kava Vaping/Smoking Deep Awa Eliquid

Timothy Lanier

Noble Clouds E-liquid co-Owner/partner
Kava Vendor
Deep Awa Eliquid 120mg Kavalactones per ml
A Strong & Earthy vaporizing liquid made with Noble Kava Root Extract

Get seriously relaxed and go even deeper with this potent kava blend featuring organic extracts of valerian, lavender & lemongrass.

This tranquil trio of herbs has traditionally been sought out for easing tense body and tired mind. Combining with Kava only furthers their effects. Go with the flow,and settle in for the evening as you soak in the calming vapors of Deep Awa.

Recommended for use in a personal vaporizer only. These kava/terpene blends are most effective when vaporizing temperatures do not exceed 425° F. This is an organic plant-based product and it is normal for the liquid to appear as a strong yellow color (kava) and consistency to be somewhat viscous. It will vaporize well in most vaporizer models, though glass or stainless steel tanks are recommended. High temperature mods are not suited for this type of eliquid.

This product is not intended to cure, treat or mitigate any disease or illness.