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Does ground Kava have a shelf life


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Kept in an air tight container quite some time, like what was indicated in the other posts. U want to keep it away from moisture, light if u can and tightly sealed if you think what u have will take quite some time to consume and u want to keep it as fresh as possible maybe look into a vacuum food safer with sealer and some bags. U can portion them when u get ur kava and just keep the opened quantity in a air tight container. All of our kava is kept vacuum sealed until it's needed in a similar but larger way.

For smaller amounts it shouldn't be an issue at all just in the bag/container it came in as long as it's resealable.


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Stored well, can last a very long time. Kava likes to be stored dry or frozen. If dry, protect from air. If you can vacuum seal it, great, and otherwise doiuble wrap it. Same for freezer, double wrap for long storage.


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Shouldn't it be qualified whether the bag has been opened since the time it was sealed by manufacture ?
It seems like that would produce 2 different answers.
Just from my experience with food preservation.