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Does Kava need to be taken daily to breakthrough reverse tolerance?


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I didn't experience reverse tolerance myself, that I was aware of. My opinion: I think that over time I learned how to enjoy Kava more and so it is just better now than when I first started drinking it. Maybe this is reverse tolerance, but I think it is a combination of things: How to make it properly, when to drink it, how much to drink, what kind to drink, what to do after you drink it, etc. Lots of little things that when all combined together make the kava experience more enjoyable.

There are some really smart guys on here who can give a response to this based on real facts, so hopefully they will weigh in.


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I don't think so, but there is something about learning how it feels. As many say, you really do need to listen to the kava. I have a very hectic household and it is easy for the little ones to intrude on my kava experience.

Fwiw, my husband just got too curious and started trying it with me, even though I had explained that it tasted like sour pond water with a hint of ass. He noticed effects right away and insists on having some whenever I make it.


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Do I have to take it daily to start feeling full effects or just a few times a week?
My experience, I tried really hard to get something from kava for several days. Like I used a lot of kava over a short period. So I gave up frustrated. About a week later, I sdecided to try again, and the first try hit me like a truck.So mabe it just took btime for my body to assimilate instead of mass quantity right up front.