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Dried kava left in the heat and possibly air still good?


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I have most of a bag of wakacon that's been sitting at the back of my countertop since about July 22nd or so. I had forgotten to push all the air out like I normally do when I closed it up and it was really hot in my kitchen for the rest of that month and August, but I did put a few small silicone packets in there because I knew I probably wouldn't be drinking the rest for a while. It smells quite a lot different than I remember it being when I opened it, like very musky but not moldy, and not really a terrible smell just different. Is there anything about this scenario that would make anyone of you think this kava shouldn't be consumed? Wakacon's best by date is December 2022 so I'm just worried that maybe the air that I didn't push out of the bag or the heat did something to it.

Edit: I just realized that the Ziploc on the bag is extremely hard to close so I may not have gotten it completely closed. Does exposure to oxygen cause any problems besides potency loss?
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Yes, from what I understand, exposure to air will definitely increase contamination. If it's smelling different, I definitely would not drink it. Do yourself a favor and just get some new kava.

If for some reason you feel completely compelled to drink it, I would mix up a batch but then take just a small shot of it and put the rest, covered, in the fridge. Wait a bit and then see if you're having any weird reactions. Better to find out without having a big session and having a belly full of the stuff.


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I did end up compelled to drink it anyway lol. It hasn't killed me yet but it was pretty weak and I was dizzy the next day so I'm gonna just toss the rest. Not sure if the dizziness was from the kava or maybe some low blood sugar but probably better to get rid of it after that. I got my order of Ofa's in the mail the other day so no more need for the wakacon. Stuff gives me major dermo anyway lol