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Drink, Think, Post

Prince Philip

Duke of Edinborogu
The original two posts on how to properly interact on this forum have spiraled into major philosophical discussions on the use of language and terminology.

That's great.  Thinking about words is one of the major contributions of philosophy, and one of the reasons why George Carlin is remembered as a philosopher and not simply a comedian.

So, here's the rules.

First, drink kava.  This will help prepare your mind for the forum.

Next, think.  Be reflective, not just reflexive.  It's OK to argue with anyone or to demonstrate a strong or controversial opinion, but be willing to think through possible counter-arguments, and also remember the Golden Rule of the Internet - never type anything, anywhere, no matter how private you believe it to be, that you don't want to have attributed to you on the front page of the New York Times.

Then, post.  Let your opinions flow from you like kava from a tanoa into a bilo.  You can post about anything you want here, provided you're brain is marinated in kavalactones and you've reflected sufficiently on what you want to say and are sure you're not being reactionary or worse, an uncritical echo of the opinions of others which you, yourself, have never fully examined.

Let the fun commence!