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Drinking kava after a barefoot journey through a bog


Kava Enthusiast
Yesterday went barefoot through magnificent peat bog for some 7 km. Sphagnum moss was incredibly soft, like moist sponge but softer, heather and related shrubs were harsher to step on, the tundra shrub birch species was most harsh to step on but not like stepping on pine cones or needled either. Extreme variety for bog species for a bog. Camped. Drank Solomon Headhunter. Our kava n00b said initially that he felt nothing, added 2 tbsp brew and later said that legs were quite soft and balance was affected :) We used guava juice for chaser, ate some rye bread, vegetables and grilled some meat.

I felt the jaw muscle tone stimulant effect but fell asleep swiftly but woke up 2 hrs later because had to pee and did nit fall asleep for an hour or two. Managed to sleep well after that.

Returned through the bog. Very variable landscape. Various shades of green and red sphagnum moss. Reached forest, undergrowth was mosses, stiff club-moss, ferns, forest horsetails... as if a journey to Carboniferous or Permian era before dinosaurs. The final stage of the trip was mostly spruces and horrible swarms of insects (dlies, misquutoes, ticks) and half-rotten wood left by lumberjacks and tall grass near a canal - not exactly pleasant place - and we all got some scratches with minor bleeding but the bog was worth it, a wonder of nature indeed.


Kava Enthusiast
Middle earth? Where's that? We got all kinds of bogs here! I've not gone barefoot through them. There are some interesting reasons not to. Some bogs have too much water to pass through. Some muck is over four feet deep. There are mushrooms that disguise themselves as berries, and all kinds of insect and arachnid life. Many bogs are protected and it is illegal to trample them.

One time I ended up barefoot in a bog, I remember it being dark with rain showers and no moon, and I felt like I didn't have any ground to stand on, well I leaned against a tree, took off my boots and wool socks and realized the ground was there, simply uneven. What a fun night, I call this particular bog the "Sea of Moss". Sounds like a great time, Orz!