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Dua Na Bilo


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I bought a pound of it and after 3 sessions I'm sending it back. I've had a lot of kava in my life and this used to be a decent daily drinker. But this batch has made me sick every time I drink it. Anyone tried it recently with these results?


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You aren't the first person to report these sorts of things about this vendor's kava.

One of the hypothesis is that the processor is including the kasa, or basal root stems when grinding, which they shouldn't be.


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Yeah man and I mean I'm pretty familiar with processing kava and this stuff was making me sick every single time I drank it. Never again. And I've even had some very sketchy stuff that I bought off eBay years ago that gave me dermopathy but never made me feel sick like that


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Dang. :( Sorry to hear that, man.
It's one of the ones I ordered on Amazon and THEN checked here for reviews.
I was hesitant to try it, based on what I read, but gave it a shot anyway. Thankfully I didn't experience these negatives, but I didn't get much out of it on the positive end, either.


It's the cheap stuff with fillers to get poundage.
Not Sure if you'll see this Kavacoordinate, but can you elaborate? I think I'm going through the same thing. I've been taking that stuff for a long time but after the latest batch, after stopping it yesterday, I almost feel like I'm going through some sort of detox with it. Of all the Kava's I've done, that stuff was like, you take some first thing in the morning for example and you then feel like you'r ready to conquer the world.