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Kava Fact of the Day Earliest Documented Clinical Use


The Kaptain (40g)
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Today's kava fact is a short but sweet one.

One of the earliest documented clinical uses for kava was in Germany and dates back more than 110 years.

Lewin, L. 1886. Uber Piper methysticum (Kawa-Kawa) Berl. Rlin. Wschr. 1. 7-10

From insomnia to stress to urinary tract infections, kava has been utilized as medicinal and beneficial for half a century longer than anti-depressants have even been on the market (1950s). 110 years, while that seems like forever, is only a blip on the total history of this amazing plant. Some studies trace back several thousand years of careful, purposeful cultivation and consumption.

Kava has been on the map for far longer than we realize.

Drink up!