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Efficacy of aluball?


Kava Enthusiast
me and my partner have been using the aluball pro almost daily for about 2 years now. we use room temp water and 2 balls with about 2 tablespoons each ball. weve ruined 3 balls in the time frame, due to screen holes. we usually fill the shaker twice in a day for our needs. sometimes we do a third shaker if i really push my body on the farm. we use medium grind from GHK and our set up works perfectly for us, we usually split the shaker into 4 servings. we can have kava in less than 5 minutes every time.
weve been doing a 'second wash' in every batch. we make a normal brew, drink it, leaving the balls in we add more water and shake it up again. then add new kava to the balls and shake it up for the next brew. and then serve.
the shaker can handle 3 balls as well. but we usually prefer the second wash as it gives us a bit more liquid to consume for the two of us.
Second wash is where you just leave the balls in and fill it up again with more liquid?


Kava Curious
yes then giving the shaker a good shakin. but not for drinking right away because thats a very weak brew, so we then proceed to fill the balls again with fresh unused kava and then shake again, then drink

basically trying to get as much out of the kava grinds as we can. also making each brew slightly more potent than it would be with just unused kava grinds.