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Kava Blend Enlightened Mint Kava

Karuna Kava

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Enlightened Mint Kava

  • Four 18oz bottles contain 4.5 shells each (4.5 servings)
  • Karuna Vanuatu Kava Root; 13%-16% Kavalactone Profile 4-2-3 (House Favorite)
  • Organic Citrus Spearmint Herbal Tea , Montana Wildflower Honey
  • Brewer’s Notes: This is strong kava; we are really stoked to have access to awesome root like this. Older root profiles help improve the potency and quality of kavalactone content, and this profile is dreamy. If you are trying to wind down, fully relax, recover, and renew yourself, this is the kava for you. Suggested for evening time use.
Definitely a favorite for stronger relaxation and a more mellow impression. 6 year old kava roots grown on the islands of Tanna, islands of Vanuatu renowned for potent kava roots. Organic citrus spearmint tea compliments the spice of this peppery root, and helps to improve both drinkability and digestion.
Our beverages are always brewed with medium grind kava root, and are squeezed / strained by hand for maximum effectiveness and optimum flavor. All Karuna Kava products are made in a commercial kitchen under safe and socially distanced conditions, and are shipped directly to your door through FedEx on icepacks or delivered locally for maximum freshness.

To ensure product quality upon arrival, our hand strained, tea infused kava beverages only ship out Monday-Wednesday each week. You can order locally for delivery at any time and we will do our best to provide same day delivery!