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False Positive UA for MDMA


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Just a heads up that we're starting to see more people fail dip style drugs tests for MDMA after drinking kava. I normally would say this is just a faulty drug test, but we're seeing it often enough now that we've got to say something.

If this has happened to you, and you happen to remember the brand name of the test that it happened with please let me know. Kava is not an illegal substance, and as such should not be testing positive for them. This needs to be brought to the attention of the manufacturers.

I should add that in each of these instances the person had thier sample sent in to a lab which always came back clean.
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Welp, this is good to know as I have a drug test coming up soon for a job. I wonder whats going on.


Yes I think it's safe to assume this would never happen with a lab test but it is still a pretty serious issue for the heavy kava drinkers among us. I suppose it is best to abstain for a week or two if you know you're going to be tested.