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Kava Candy Review Feeling Good Chocolate-Kava Delight 4 fl. oz.


Kava Enthusiast
All three Kava Blends (Feeling Good, Buzz Honey and Bee Mellow) were a big disappointment. I really liked the concept and I was looking forward to them. I bought two samplers of all three so I know I didn't just get a bad one. It's just dark gunge with what seems to be micro mixed in, which makes it gritty dark gunge. The effects are fine, but it would seem the point is to make kava more palatable, which it fails at.

I don't know

Kava Enthusiast
I actually enjoy these blends. I tend to keep a container in my office and then mix a tsp in my afternoon coffee/hot chocolate mix after lunch. Using it this way and just on weekdays makes the container last longer as well.
P.S. Lightweight somewhat