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Powdered Kava Fijian Kava Powder


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This is our go-to Fijian Kava Powder. It is a premium variety grown in Kadavu, an island that is renown for producing the most potent Kava in all of Fiji. It has a unique 432 chemotype and a minimum 8.0% total lactone content. This 50% Lateral root 50% basal stump Kava is perfectly pounded to the perfect particle size for an enjoyable and smooth taste and potency.

This Fijian Kava Powder boasts excellent potency, a unique taste that is nearly completely devoid of any peppery tones, and an amazing, unique feeling that its 432 chemotype produces. Much like our Premium Vanuatu Kava, we import so much of this Kava per year that we are able to subsidize the price for our customers. We import our kava directly from Fiji in whole root form and powder it here. The end result is an EXCELLENT kava for an economical price.