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Powdered Kava Review Fijian Waka

Is free 2 day shipping tempting enough to offset quality?

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So the real reason people get this one is due to Amazon Prime Shipping :). This is my first experience with traditional making methods, though I have tried a number of micronized instant kavas. It also seems to take a good amount for me to really feel the affects. So far of all the kavas I've tried (roughly 4 types - 2 micronized, one tablet form, and e-liquid) , this is one of the best balanced kava, though not knocking me out of the park in any one category. I have to have roughly 3-4 shells for the effects to really set in, but can drink the full batch before really feeling sedated and wobbly. It makes me feel good, but not euphoric. It causes peace, and in high enough quantities, relief of tension / anxiety. I did not find this to be as sedating as others I have tried. Definitely not as heady as others I had tried. I certainly wont turn this kava down, but it doesn't seem to have the headiness / anti anxiety I am looking for. I may still be breaking through reverse tolerance though.
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Kojo Douglas

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I drank a solid two bowls of this today (8 or 9 shells) and think it is rather good. It tasted a bit stale, but the effects were calming, heady, with a light body high.

Video review coming up in the next few days.