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As you may have noticed, we never promote products, or post our Monthly Newsletter in the main section of this lovely Lounge because we don't. For those wondering, News Letter signup is on the left side of www.ParadiseKava.Com, half way down the main page.

However, today, we have one Upped our own Massive Sales and Discounts. This happens only once a year, if that....so we thought that the main forum is the perfect place for you to find out and not miss out.

- A Copy of our Last News Letter for 2013 -

Aloha Kava Lovers!

We recall the future looked quite promising end of 2012. And how well 2013 has delivered!

Our 5th Generation Kava Extracts were a Hit! Paradise Kava's Head Quarters relocated to the Beautiful Island of Oahu; we are Dreaming Bigger than ever before.

All this is possible thanks to you, some of whom have become more like friends instead of clients. Heartwarming and Encouraging! If you're ever in Hawai'i, come see us and Drink some Kava with us!

For the next few weeks leading up to the New Year, we're practically giving away some of the World's Finest Kava Products at Rock Bottom prices. Mind Blowing 50% OFF in some cases (Stock Permitting)

A Rare SALE of this magnitude offers a perfect opportunity to Save Big and Stock Up on your Kava Stash for 2014. We know a lot of you freeze surplus Kava and this works perfectly for Powder and Kava Extract Jars which can be Frozen for Extensive Periods of Time. Once thawed and opened, they go into the Fridge.


Buy One 60g Economy Kava Extract Jar and GET ONE 60g ABSOLUTELY FREE in all flavors seen here. Reducing the cost to only $1.65 per 2 gram Serving Size!

Best Deal of The Season - The Massive 150g Reserve Size is also BUY ONE GET ONE FREE in Honey Lemon flavor. Reducing the cost per 2g Dose to an Astonishingly Low $1.32

Although we're short on stock, we still managed to TAKE OFF a Whopping $80 per Jar for Chocolate Orange and Coconut Vanilla Reserve Sized Jars, making it Almost Buy one Get One Free!

All 40g Traveler Jars are a Delicious $20 OFF and ON SALE for only $49 (An attractive $2.45 per 2g Serving)

As for Kava Powders, We took a sizeable $15 Chunk OFF Our Famous Fijian Kava, Putting it ON SALE for only $49 a pound this Holiday Season. Stock Up Two seperately packaged pounds for only $45 per pound!

For Pure Hawaiian Pleasure, all Hawaiian Kava and ISA Kava Powder Sizes are also ON SALE!

You can Scoop up 2 pounds for only $110 - a Massive $18 OFF. Single Pounders are knocked down to $59, a Bargain for Hawaiian Grown Kava of Such Fine Quality.

The Lovely Kava Candy seen here is also on Sale - Buy 10 Packs and get TWO Packs Free!

There you have it folks! We went all out and did our best on this one! Our way of saying Mahalo Nui Loa, Thank You Very Much for supporting our Growing Company!

So how does the Future look? What's 2014 bringing into Paradise Kava's Bowl?

- We Welcome Mikki, Paradise Kava's new employee. She's a real Sweetheart so please Welcome her and make her feel at home! I know she'll appreciate it (and probably ship your orders faster).

- We're in the Process of Redesigning our website and the entire Product Line's packaging (Pardon our inconsistant packaging till then).

- After 5 years of search, we've sourced a spectacular Kava from Vanuatu and will continue to refine and choose which Kava's we want to Stock from that region, the mother place of All Kava. We're keeping a diary of tasting notes, effects and next day effects to determine the best of the best.

- We're dreaming of Building a Manufacturing Facility sometime in March.

- This helps us hire more people and take on another Office shortly thereafter.

Overall, the future is bright with many irons in the fire. Naturally, this leads to stress and things getting ever so slightly out of control.

This is when we go back to the Kava Bowl for deeper perspective and inner peace. And sometimes, we'll be sitting there with a jar of Honey Lemon Kava Extract like Pooh Bear, sticky paws and all, huge grin on our face, taking a deeeeeep breath and realizing that everything will be OK!

We hope that you too will get a chance to truly Relax this Holiday Season and Enjoy the Kava in Good health,

Have a Fantastic rest of the year; see you in 2014.

- the Loving and Grateful folks at Paradise Kava

Please Note: We encourage you to put your orders in by December 17th to make sure The Kava reaches you and loved ones by Christmas, since it's coming all the way from Hawai'i and delays happen this time of year.

No Coupons apply to these Specials. International Shipping Charges apply to Orders over 1.5 pounds. Please see Shipping and Returns here.

- Last Word -

"Love has to spring spontaneously from within; it is in no way amenable to any form of inner or outer force. Love and coercion can never go together; but while love cannot be forced upon anyone, it can be awakened through love itself.

Love is essentially self-communicative; those who do not have it catch it from those who have it. Those who receive love from others cannot be its recipients without giving a response that, in itself, is the nature of love.

True love is unconquerable and irresistible. It goes on gathering power and spreading itself until eventually it transforms everyone it touches."

- Meher Baba

The Kap'n

The Groggy Kaptain (40g)
KavaForums Founder
A fine company with excellent over the top products, and an owner who cares about his product, his customers, and the kava community at large. If you haven't tried paradise kava, now's the time. The extracts, I can say personally are the best kava product on the market today.


Kava Curious
Adil, I've just received my kava! That was incredibly fast, one week — weekend included!
The packaging of each item is really nice too. Thank you so much