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Finally got a full dermo outbreak!


Kava Curious
My dermopathy has been slowly spreading during the last few months and it finally reached the stage that people started noticing my dry flaking skin! I would blame it on riding a motorcycle in the wind so people don't think I am on some horrible drugs!

It initially started about 2 months after I started drinking kava, dry lips was the first sign, than flaky peeling skin on my face but now I have it on my arms, belly, back and neck as well. Its doesn't bother me too much as its not itchy or causes too much discomfort. What bothers me most is the social aspect of it as I had a few colleagues asking what happened to my skin.

I decided to take action and stop drinking kava for a few weeks as i am on holiday for a few weeks anyway and it would be easier to do it rather while being stressed during work.

I've read a lot about dermo and ways to prevent it so I find it rather surprising that I got it only after a few months of drinking kava daily.

I've been using only noble kava from reputable vendors I found in the forum. Preparing the kava either with blender+cloth straining or aluball. I find that with aluball I get a bit more pulp in the drink which might be the contributing factor, especially when using 2 aluballs.

Does anyone have any tips about prep techniques to reduce dermo?
I was considering buying a 50 micron mesh filter and pouring cava through it after preparing with aluball or getting a bombilla straw?

Kojo Douglas

Kava Connoisseur
Sorry to hear this. I am a genetic mutant and seem to be immune to dermopathy. I drink more than a gallon of strong Kava everyday too, so.....


Kava Curious
A finer mesh will help. It also helps to take coconut oil daily, and I've found that vitamin B and E tablets help keep the worst of the dryness at bay. Plus phytoceramides but they're a little expensive. Other than lotion the only thing you can do is take regular breaks and cut down on your consumption. Kava seems to reduced the skins' production of oils (sebum) and you need to give it time to recover. Once it's under control then start again with a finer mesh and lower rate of consumption.


Kava Curious
Kojo, a gallon per day. How many grams kava ( medium grind I assume) is in that gallon?
Also water to kava ratio.

Kojo Douglas

Kava Connoisseur
I'm assuming it's about a gallon - it's a giant glass bowl. I usually use about 8 tablespoons of Kava, but not sure what the ratio is. I just eyeball it and taste the Kava to know if it's the desired strength.


Kava Curious
A quick update, I managed to get rid of the dermo, still some flaking skin in some areas but very minor.

I did the following steps, hopefully it can help someone:
1. Quit Kava for 2 weeks - the first week the dermo got much worse but eventually it stabilised.
2. Use amlactin lotion twice a day.
3. Avoid drinking any pulp in my kava, when using aluball I don't drink the pulp from the bottom of the glass. I didn't notice any pulp with traditional prep.
3. Drink one glass of water for every glass of kava.
4. Eat 2 table spoons of coconut oil on daily basis.

Hopefully the dermo is gone for good!