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Fire island?


Kava Lover
So I'm probably going to order 55g of this and a half pound of stone tonight to hold me over until I get some more kava for Xmas. So how is the fire island? But for 17 bucks for 55gs that's pretty good


The Kaptain (40g)
KavaForums Founder
Far less powerful than shaman in my opinion. Still good however. Shaman seems close to an instant stone.


Kava Lover
Well I guess it's good for 21 bucks including shipping :) I just need something for when I'm on the go instead of taking a batch of pre maid kava with me. If you had to compare it to a dry root kava what do you think it resembles most? I wonder why certain instants are better, do you think it's the way it's made or just what kind of root they use to make it?

Prince Philip

Duke of Edinborogu
I like it. It's mild in both effect and flavor. Very sociable. I can drink Fire Island and still be around people. If I drink Shaman, I only want to be around other quietly krunk people.


Kava Curious
I actually mixed 20g of fire island with 20g of Shaman, and take it to work with me. I only take 5g with some water, but its perfect for me if I'm getting nervy or stressed at work. I've also noticed I concentrate much more when on it.

But Fire Island is totally chill


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I've been considering getting 1/4 kg of this stuff for 59$ with shipping and then with 1/2 kg of stone for 41$ it would equal an even hundred. I'm not sure though. I missed the bus by waiting to order a kg of chiefs, it was like 65$ a kg and now they only have 1/4 kg bags. I may just opt for a full kg of stone though and maybe get a tin of shaman. I'm not much into mild things. I got a few 10 g packets of a while back and they were okay, definitely legit just not instant green diesel.