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So after tons of reading and researching kavas I decided on ordering a small batch of n@h's stone kava..taste like total shit but I've definitely had really nice effects, pretty much exactly. I've been hoping for. There was none of this "reverse tolerance" I've heard so much of! I was worried about that, considering I've made tons of the yogi brand kava tea, brewing with 8 bags in a cup of warm (about 135F) water and had no effect from it at all. I've been thinking about using that tea to brew my kavas in because I've grown to like the taste and actual kava taste, atleast stone, isn't something I look forward to.. So yea. New to kava, ordered stone first and today is my third time having a few shells. Generally I use 4tbsp per 8oz, 3/4cup hottish water, 2tbsp coconut oil, then fill what's left of the 8oz serving size with milk or heavy cream. Good stuff, glad I tried it. Reminds me of K@ but on a totally different spectrum, both are totally amazing for being legal and the relief they provide! Kava is exactly what I needed to wind down at the end of the day

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@Luckyduck17, you indeed are lucky ducky to have avoided the heartbreak of Reverse Tolerance. On the taste, no biggie. I gulp my kava, wash out my mouth, and take a chug of water. It's worth it.


HE SAID THE OTHER *K WORD*! :bigmoney:

I've actually grown to, if not exactly like the taste, at least appreciate it. But I'm a recovering alcoholic and I got used to drinking straight Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey, so I can pretty much drink anything. It's definitely an acquired taste, though. Welcome!
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