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Fresh Kava Root Fresh Frozen Papa'ele'ele Pu'u

Pu'u O Hoku Ranch

Kaunakakai Hawai'i
Kava Vendor

‘Awa is the Hawaiian name for the Polynesian medicinal plant many know as kava kava. Traditionally prepared as a tea or tincture and used ceremonially for conflict resolution among Polynesian royalty, ‘awa is now widely consumed as a nutraceutical that eases pain and stress. Pu'u O Hoku Ranch offers ‘awa in the form of fresh frozen root pulp, a preparation that produces a produces a smoother drink than powdered ‘awa. We specialize in Hawaiian varietals, which have been found to have particularly high levels of the active compound kavalactone, and our product has been praised by connoisseurs throughout the islands as the most premium ‘awa available. 100% Biodynamic and USDA certified organic.

Our seasonal Hawaiian variety sets includes three of our Hawaiian varieties (Hiwa, Mō'ī, Nēnē, Papa'ele'ele, 'Opihikao, Mahakea, Hanakāpī'ai, Pana'ewa, Papa'ele'ele Pu'u, Mo'oula).

To ensure the quality of this product, the fresh frozen 'Awa will be shipped in a cooler with cold packs.