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Kava Instant Review Fresh Instant Kava


The Kaptain (40g)
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I love an instant kava. Anything that makes my night at home easier is a welcomed product. Paradise kava (as always) delivers on thier reputation of excellence. I'd have to classify this kava as a heavier, more sedative kava that goes down easy. It really makes a smooth cup of grog, with no grittiness at all. The taste is very agreeable, light, and numbing. I slept very soundly, and awoke feeling refreshed and not bogged down like I can experience with other varieties (noble ones).

I always seem to feel the effects of instant kava really quickly, and this one definitely had the same effect. I'd say full effects were felt in 5-10 minutes on an empty stomach.

This is good stuff, guys. If you haven't tried it, and are looking for a great instant, do yourself a favor and get some.

Deleted User01

Thanks Kapm! I take it you used plain water? I've been doing my instant and micronized in Ginger Ale with lime and ice. Makes it easier to sip rather that gulp the whole thing down. As kava technology keeps progressing, it seems the Instants are getting stronger and stronger. Good news for Newbies and lazy people like me.