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I Love Kava Friday fRiDaY!!!!!!

The Kap'n

The Groggy Kaptain (40g)
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Wouldn't you know it, kava lovers, we've arrived yet again on that most special of days, FRIDAY!!!

I hope you all have a relaxing (or productive) weekend! You know where I'll be...or at least where I'll try to be.


Bubba Bula

krunkadelic relic
I'm out of shells, but a KWK shipment is supposed to arrive today. I've found their "Kalm Ship" option should be renamed "White Knuckle Ship" option. Oh well, there is time yet left in the day so we'll see. If my Predators beat the Canucks tonight, it won't matter anyway. Anyway, its Friday for which there is no substitute. Happy Friday ya'll. ::KavaChug::

Bubba Bula

krunkadelic relic
Welp, according to USPS my KWK Private Reserve Kava, which was supposed to have been delivered today via KWK's Kalm Ship, was delivered. USPS says "Delivered, Individual Picked Up at Postal Facility". Only problem is, no one here went to a postal facility, and noone here has the kava. "Kalm Ship" makes me nervous, and I am wondering what sort of hassle I'll be in for to get my kava. And.. my Preds lost. At least its Friday. If it were a Monday.. well.. maybe the kava will be delivered tomorrow and the USPS update was a mistake.