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Full Spectrum Krunk

John Bytell

Kava Enthusiast
Unless I have a new kava to try, I always blend and love to try different combinations. It never occurred to me to mix more strains in smaller amts. I always do a ball of one...a ball of the other...and so on.
BTW is it just me or did the vanuwaka get weaker when the price went up? Maybe it's me but I have a real hard time reaching krunkness these days and I shake 3 aluballs for 9 minutes.


Kava Enthusiast
Kenneth. i love your videos man. They are a great supplement to other reviews as you give so much on the technical side. I've been doing a lot more of the kavafied kavas in tandem. Love it and it helps with the varieties I don't like lol


Kava Enthusiast
I enjoyed your video. I think you used a nice variety of roots. The aluball surprised me. It takes me no less than 5 minutes to make tea.