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Powdered Kava Review Got my first pack of GHK, Nene Medium Grind

Hey all, I've been drinking Kava for a couple of months now and finally felt confident enough in my preparation experience to purchase some GHK and boy it was everything that I hoped for and seen others also posting about. I purchased some Nene and one of the first things while kneading it was just how doughy it was due to how much fresher it was than anything that I've tried so far. The taste, too, was much fresher tasting. I could, for example, taste much more of the nuanced notes in the flavor, and this 'Awa variety in particular is pretty mild in taste which was great for me as I am more sensitive to stronger tasting 'Awa/Kava. Great product, Chris. I eagerly look forward to ordering more of your 'Awa, and send all of my best wishes to you and your family in these difficult times. Cheers