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Powdered Kava Review Gourmet Kadavu Waka 16 Oz


I really was impressed with the vacuum sealed bags and how fresh the kava smelled. This was the first time I have ever received vacuum sealed kava, but most definitely makes I difference in freshness in my opinion. Neil was most polite and always responded quick if I had a question. He is also a quick shipper and takes great care when packing and shipping. I would definitely enjoy doing business with Neil in the future.

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Kava Vendor
Great review :) Although the packing and shipping is done by a fulfillment center. I am based in Fiji so the only part i control is buying, processing and vacuum packaging of the kava. But yeah if anything goes wrong with the order you can always email me and i'll get it sorted out asap. Enjoy the rest of your Kadavu ::chugger::