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Growing Kali-isa


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Hello kava community! I'm super excited to share that I purchased four Kali-isa plants from the fantastic community at root of happiness and I know nakamalathome was the one who sent it over to me due to them being located in Florida like myself. Thank you guys so much! Big thanks to Tyler from root of happiness for going above and beyond and helping me fulfill my dream of growing kava here in Holiday, Florida zone 9B. I am beyond honored to be growing this incredible blessing.

A little back story: I am an extremely enthusiastic 30 year old who loves propogating plants and germinating seeds. I also have learned about the art of vermicomposting as well as traditional composting, and the ancient art of creating liquid compost solutions (swamp water looking stuff). My passion is truly in the garden and I've even attended classes for vermicomposting. I talk so much gardening that my poor wife is tired of hearing about it. Haha, she's very supportive though.

More than anything i LOVE Kava. I am a sober man who enjoys the sacred medicine. I am beyond excited to share two of my four plots for the Kali-isa plants. I would love to post progress updates in a month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and so on. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Much love and respect, Zack