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Supplier Review Highly recommend Edward


Kava Curious
I contacted Edward via the messaging system on this site. He was very helpful regarding my situation of being a newbie with kava, and my concerns regarding shipping/customs. He helped me choose which kava types and how much of it to get based on my interests and budget. He even added a couple strips of Kava Candy as a bonus, without me even asking for it. I wanted to pay him upfront through paypal as soon as we agreed on the products, and as the contents of the package confirms I had no reason not to trust him. Shipping went very quick, less than a week from England to Norway, including the weekend. According to the shipment tracking which Edward made sure I got, the package wasn't even an object for customs clearance. Smooth sailing all the way.

The products were just as promised, and so far the ones I've tried from Kalm With Kava (Borogu and Pouni Ono micronized) has exceeded my expectations, seeing as I believe I have some reverse tolerance to work through. Definitely recommend over kava capsules from brands such as Eurovital, that did little for me even though I consumed 10-12 "250 mg kavalactones" capsules in one sitting.

Highly recommended vendor for anyone in Europe looking to buy kava!


Aluballin' in the UK
Kava Vendor
Thanks for the review, I'm glad it all went smoothly and you're happy with what you got.


Kava Curious
I have made several orders with Edward since this one and have never gotten disappointed. He's always helpful and up for a chat regarding whatever. He's the kinda guy that's genuinely interested in making you happy with your purchase. Cheers, Edward!