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How long does it take Cactus to ship?


Kava Curious
Ordered on Saturday or Sunday and still haven't gotten an email, all the other vendors I've bought from ship it out in less than one business day.


Kava Lover
I placed an order with KWK on Saturday morning and it shipped Monday afternoon. I'm pretty sure Cactus and KWK still share the same facilities, though their order processing may be different.

Update for 10:30PM North American Central Time: the package just arrived in the nearest large city, about 2 hours from here. That usually means the package will arrive tomorrow. Yay! The original estimate was by Thursday Evening.

Anyway, RevRad, I hope your kava is on its way too. Maybe ping Cactus and ask if you don't hear from them after tomorrow.
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Kava Curious
Oddly enough it came today and I never got a shipping notification. Maybe it was in my spam folder and I missed it, or maybe their system has a temporary issue. Works for me though, decent shipping speed.


Kava Curious
Even during COVID-19 CK got me my products right in the time allotted. Priority Mail 2-3 days, ordered it on the 5th, it was in on the 8th. Not bad for these times.