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How many "pulls" do you guys get?

I'm about to drink my third "pull" of some WOW kava. I was wondering at what point the potency starts to diminish to the point where it isn't worth it anymore. It seems like a much more bang for your buck way of drinking kava.

I'm pretty krunk already just from two "pulls" of 4 tbsp of the WOW, so I'm not too sure that I'll be the best judge of whether this third one is very potent or not. Perhaps an outside source could provide better information here, but meh, I'll do that experiment another time. I think I'll just drink this and sink further into the abyss of my own relaxation.

But anyways, back on point, does anyone know the point at which it stops being relevant to try and get more out of your kava? I suppose the amount of water used matters here too, and perhaps the amount of time spent soaking. Conceivably you could just use a very large amount of water and let it soak for a very long time kneading it every once in a while to achieve the same results as going through the process multiple times right?

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Check out the FAQ at Kava by Rex.  He says you only need to soak for 5 minutes.  Kneading and Squeezing the Kava is more important than soaking he says.  I used his technique the other day with good results.    You might also do a second wash with your used Kava (2 pulls worth let's say).