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How to kill your kava effect?


Kava Curious
In case you're feeling more effect than you would like to be, is there a way to help it wear off?



Avg. Dosage: 8 Tbsp. (58g)
Review Maestro
It depends on the level of inebriation you're experiencing when you've decided you'd like to reverse course...For me, almost any level of kava buzz can be reduced by engaging in something mentally/physically stimulating, even just walking around the neighborhood or doing tasks around the house. Annoying tasks might be the best at reduction, since it's so contrary to the kava effect within you. If you "listen to the kava" (sitting quietly, deliberately paying attention to the effect) it will drag you deeper. You could always decide to let it take you all the way and sleep it off. If that's not an option, then just actively "ignoring the kava" and getting moving and task oriented might be your best bet. Maybe a little coffee/espresso could help too...or, ya know, a quick little hit of Crack, that'll do it!! ::awesomesmiles:: jk

But if you're so kava'd up that you're vision is wobbly and you're stumbling when you walk, there's probably no choice but to wait it out or sleep.
And if you are feeling it that hard, I need to know which kava you're using & what your dosage/prep. method were....asking for a friend. :sneaky: