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How to prepare Kava

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Hi there!

I'm new to Kava, and I'm new to this forum. I'm glad to post my first message!

As a presentation, I can say that I'm a french man, living in Paris, and I started using Kava one month ago after reading all the good posts in this forum (and others ;) ). Being a french guy, please, excuse my english in advance!

I bought a batch of Isa Tudei and a batch of Tongan Pride from Rex, but I had difficulty preparing it until I feel something noticeable. I tried the kneading method, and the blender method...

At first I was really disappointed, because I saw the diminishing level of Kava in my bags and still very mild effect...

So one day I put a big amount of Kava (half a mug) with not so much water (a single mug), some olive oil, and I prepared an emulsion, like you prepare a mayonnaise sauce. I've done this after browsing the internet and finding some suggestion to prepare it. This time the effects were perfectly noticeable, yet not as strong as I expected. Since then it's the only way I prepare my Kava.

I make an emulsion using an electric whisk for 4-5 minutes, then I wait half an hour, then I reuse the whisk for one to two minutes, then I put the mix in a blender and mix for 3-5 minutes. Then I strain the mixture with a stocking, and I drink this disgusting oily emulsion. Sometimes I add coconut cream to change the taste, but since I drink Kava mostly for its therapeutic usage, I'm used to drink this without any flavor.

What I can say, is that even if i'm don't feel krunk with Isa or Tongan, I do feel the relaxation, both in my head and my body. The next day after drinking Isa, I feel very good, fresh and relax, for at least half of the day. With Tongan, I don't feel so much the supposed stimulatory effects, I feel relaxed and happy for the first few hours, but after 4-5 hours I start to feel sleepy.

So even if the effects are not as strong as I hoped, I definitely feel something, and above all I feel the potential of this magical root.

So my questions are:

- may be I don't prepare the Kava as required, this could explain the difficulty to feel the effects?
- may be the batch of Kava that I bought were not of premium quality, and lost some of there potency?

As a side note, I must definitely say that trying Kava changed the way I perceive the life... I'm a very stressed person, but being stressed 24/7 for years, it has become my normal way of being and I was not even able to discern that I was chronically stressed... Drinking Kava with the emulsion method put me in a so much feel good and feel relax state, as I was during my childhood, that in constrast I noticed how much stressed I am in my everyday life. And above all, I could taste again what real life means again!

So I don't want to stop my experiences with Kava, in fact I want to continue my investigations, try other brands to compare the potency and effects and cure my chronic stress and anxiety once and for all!

If you have advices and suggestions to help me (and the people that read this forum) you're definitely welcome!

Oh and one last note about the service of Rex: I don't accuse him of selling low potency product, it's possible that I'm a low responder or that I'm too much chronically stressed for normal doses of Kava. What I can say for sure is that the service of Rex is really excellent! A few hours after I paid by paypal, the batch was ready to be sent to France, and I received it after less than a week. So a big thank you to Rex for his reactivity and professionalism.

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Hi Absurdanapal, welcome to the kava forums. There are a lot of kava drinkers that have been in your shoes, I recomend to try the kava on an empty stomache if you did not try this. Also might I recomend trying a micronized or an instant kava, this will help eliminate the preparation part so you will not need to wonder if your preparing it right.
With the micronized that I sell you only need to use 1-2 tablespoons or less per cup of water, all you do is stir it in and enjoy. With my instant kava you prepare it the same way as the micronized but you will use less of the kava, the instant is also a finer powdered kava.
I am happy to hear that you are finding the effects of kava to be beneficial to you, it works very well and I am sure you will find out how to use it so you can get the benefits from the kava every time.
Please let me know if you ever have any questions about kava and if you decide to try my kava let me know and I will give you a special discount. Aloha.



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Hi Absurdanapal,

"Then I strain the mixture with a stocking, and I drink this disgusting oily emulsion" - LOL, that made me laugh Sir

Your post rings true to me. I tried kava before joining this site in tinctures and Yogi Kava tea without much effects. I jumped on the Stone kava right off the bat and nearly gave up on kava altogether; I think it was Infraredz who tried to warn me about drinking Stone as a first kava tested out here to be perhaps not the best idea.

Now I stick with the Micro and Instants from GHK. These work much better with my system, taste a whole lot better, and are less hassle. I am also in the Health / Nutrition field and appreciate the fact that the GHK is fresh kava straight to us from GHK.
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