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I ordered tudei True Kava from Nakamal At Home


Kava Lover
Curious to see how it is.
I found it to be unremarkable in every way except accelerating my near constant low level dermo to high level. I very rarely if ever use tudei but when I do I am looking for a very heavy, stoney, body melting, pain relief. This had none of that and very little effect in any other way. It may just be very weak. I should note that I don't typically get nausea from any kava so I can't judge on that. If you are specifically looking for a tudei I think RoH's ISA is a much better option in my opinion. In contrast NAH's wow and stone are some very good kavas that are nice, strong, and for me pretty heavy while being noble.

My guess is they didn't spend a lot of time sourcing this kava - but wanted to put a tudei on the market just to troll certain individuals (given the name) and as such really didn't find a good one.

Blue Roads

Kava Enthusiast
So far, I've done 40g traditional prep shells, about 2-3 times a week. Usually I do them on the kava circles so I can share my experience. I'll only drink one shell of it, though. My noble kavas I'll do 2 or 3 in an evening.

Skin dries out quickly. I noticed it the most on my face.

It has more sedation than the heavy noble kavas I've had (Lapita, Supreme, Stone, Wow, Ambae's Best). I feel it all over my body soon after I drink it, a slight tingling/wavy feeling in the skin of my arms and legs.

Oh yeah, and it puts me to sleep. The folks on the circle have watched me fall asleep in my chair a couple of times.

As for strength, it's not remarkably stronger than the heavy noble kavas I mentioned. Ambae's, Lapita, and Supreme all have me kind of light-headed and acting silly, where this stuff (and Stone and Wow) just backs the throttle right off me. It also bothers my stomach more than noble kava.