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Instant Kava Now Available (Not Micronised)

Classic Kava

Kava Lover
Australian Importer
We now have quality instant kava available for express delivery throughout Australia (excluding NT).

Enjoy our Classic Kava the easiest way possible! Our Instant Green Kava is made by dehydrating fresh, green kava juice and is the smoothest, easiest to drink form of powdered kava. The kava is made from selected noble cultivars from Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu and is processed fresh on the island. It features a balanced/heady effect profile with a relatively fast onset.

Unlike traditional grind kava, our Instant Green Kava does not require straining before consumption as this has already been done prior to the dehydration process. Simply place one or two teaspoons into 100ml of water or juice and stir well until it has all disolved.

Also perfect as an easy addition to smoothies and protein shakes.