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Kadavu is on Preorder Status | Koro is Back


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Hey Yall!

This has been a fantastic ride yall. We blew through our koro island, got that back in stock now and blew thru the rest of our kadavu in that time as well. We ordered it about 2 weeks ago. It takes a bit of time for harvesting/drying etc to get it back in house. As of right now, that timeline looks like it will be available December 30 or the first of January. I will keep you posted here with any updates. During that time - **Kadavu will be available on the site for Preorder**

Anyone who orders the Kadavu on Preorder will have their kava shipped first. I'll send you an email with the update after your order.

We have 8 ounces of kadavu left in house as of 12.14.20 at 11pm *edit*: sold out. I put up 2 sample packs that have 4oz of koro and kadavu for anyone that wants to try those.

My apologies for any out of stock issues we have had. To be honest, we were unprepared for the amount of love and support you all have shown us. We love yall right back and so do our farmers! I'm ordering more and more product with each upcoming shipment. These are the kind of growing pains that are great for small companies like ours and I'm willing to invest all I can to see it be successful.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns/jokes or Haikus, let me know ;)


Zac H.
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