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Powdered Kava Review Kadavu waka


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It took me a while to write this report, but I have been very busy lately.
This kava is probably not the strongest kava, but from a "therapeutic" point of view, it is a very good, calming kava.
There is not so much euphoria at the beginning, as with other Fijian kava (such as Koro Island), but a feeling of calm settles in quite

The effect remains functional, but if you sit down, it can become more sedative.
It causes a good relaxation and a slight positive effect on mood, at least for me.
It's a very good kava for the end of the day and evening, and it usually gives you a good night's sleep afterwards.

It's one of my favourite kavas, it is very useful to me anyway and I thank Mark and Edward for giving me the opportunity to try it.
Hopefully it will be back in stock soon (or another one of the same type)... :D