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Kalm BoronGoru


My gf shows up with this and has been using it 3 days. Makes me about 12 ounces and I drank it. Right off I noticed it’s the same taste/numb as cocaine in my throat. Now I’m waiting for my first time to kick in so I made an account. I’m about 4 minutes in and I do notice that I’m starting to think I feel calmer?


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The effects of kava are very subtle. You typically drink about 6-8 oz gulps of kava every so often and space it out to about 15-30 minutes per cup. Some people experience reverse tolerance where it may take multiple kava sessions to feel anything. I've had people I've shown kava to where they either feel something right away or they don't. It's a very mixed bag.

Borongoru is a heavy kava so at some point if you get through reverse tolerance you're going to feel like your body can't feel a whole lot. If you have a sore neck, you might not notice that after a couple cups, for example. It should affect the mind also. A lot of kavas do both and the headiness and heaviness of a kava variety can also vary per person.


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What can also vary is even if it's the same kind you can get batch that feels a little different than another. Opened a new bag of Borogu last week and it's a lot headier this time with less sedation overall, not just me cause I tried multiple times now and same results. It's ok still but this is a little to intense on that end now hoping it was just an odd batch, may end up trying Boronguru when I get a chance soon which I gotta anyways cause it's the last one from them I haven't given a try.


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Borongoru, I'm not sure if it's because I've been drinking it for over a year straight, but I actually don't find the taste of it repulsive. In fact, some nights I actually find myself enjoying it. The strength can vary pretty broadly. Some batches will have you picking your face up off the floor. Others are more of a gentle relaxing push, nudging you to sleep. I like both.


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Some batches will have you picking your face up off the floor.
Top jej! You know a kava is good when one words it like that. Mileage varies as has been stated but if something happens to one person it's gotta happen to another at some point, right?


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Some write that Borongoru is more balanced, if it can stimulate like Kavasociety which was also balanced because I would like to avoid it ?