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Karan’s Kava (Australia)


Kava Curious
Well, I only ever had Vanuatu kava which I highly rate but I wanted to try Fijian kava. Karan’s Kava popped on my feed so I decided to order some. I must say it is quite pleasant, quick onset and easy to drink. I feel the euphoric effect for about an hour then a sedative effect. It’s the best sleep with this kava.
ive been quite productive today, got blood done this morning (finally), my cholesterol is probably going to be to the roof .Did all my chores and baked spinach and cheese muffins. Tomorrow back to work so I’ve just prepared myself a little 600ml of Fijian kava ✌ 17E8AF92-8014-452C-815A-8F9D7AAF9B4A.jpeg